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The Finding My Path program provides one on one counselling support to children and youth who are struggling with concerns around mental health, trauma, bullying, the impact from childhood abuse/sexual abuse/ACEs, as well as overall social emotional wellness, and connecting to a positive sense of self and identity.

Built on the foundation of a Child and Youth Care approach, the Finding My Path program engages children and youth through activity while helping them to identify their own strengths, develop curiosity and confidence in learning about themselves, and supporting them in Finding their own Path to healing and wellness.

Hiking, bike riding, spending time with animals, listening to music, arts and crafts, swimming, snowshoeing, yoga, and guided meditations - all with a focus on and connection to nature - are just some examples of the different actvities children and youth can look forward too.

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Fees: $90 per session

Sessions: 60-75 minutes (dependant on session activity/plan)

Schedule: Weekly or biweekly (dependant on therapy goals/client choice)

* all costs associated with program activities are covered by the Finding My Path program.


Please find a downloadable PDF Request for Support Form here.



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